Vimium is a free open-source browser extension that makes it possible to navigate websites using the keyboard. For this purpose, both predefined and individually configurable shortcuts are displayed for each clickable element, which can be used instead of the mouse.

Vimium guarantees barrier-free handling on supported websites and ensures significantly faster navigation and control for experienced users. The more efficient use of websites fits seamlessly into the workflow, especially for power users, and thus promises enormous time savings.


The LMC supports the Vimium browser extension from version 1.00 (124.0).

Vimium has been successfully tested by us for the following browsers:

Vimium versions also exist for the following browsers, but we have not tested them:

Procedure/Working method:

After you have installed the browser extension, supported websites are reported in the plugin icon of Vimium.

If you now press the key "f" after calling up the LMC menu "Devices", for example, you will get an overview of all keyboard shortcuts possible on the page. For example, the key sequence "ak" would open the page with the specific device data of the LANCOM 1781 EF+ used in the project.

After switching to another menu, the information on possible keyboard shortcuts is hidden again. To display them again, press the key "f" again.

Further information on the use of Vimium can be found on various websites on the Internet (e.g. website "How-To Geek").

Available browser shortcuts:

If you press the "?" button, you will get an overview of all the shortcuts with which you can operate the browser via the keyboard.