The Public Spot login page is usually displayed automatically whenever a WLAN device in the Public Spot Network invokes a webpage. However, if you want to access the logout page or the Public Spot status page, it is much easier to enter a name into the browser instead of an IP address.
This document describes how to access the Public Spot login or logout page using a DNS name instead of the IP address.


If you use the setup wizard Setup Public Spot, the following steps are performed automatically. The DNS name logout is used. You can change this, if necessary.
1) In the configuration of the device with the active Public Spot, navigate to the menu Public Spot → Server → Operational settings.
2) Fill out the field Device hostname with the desired DNS name.
3) Change to the menu IPv4 → DNS → Host names.
4) Add a new entry and enter the following information:
  • Host name: Enter the DNS name as specified in step 2.
  • IPv4 address: Enter the IP address of the device in the Public Spot network.

You will find the IP address of the Public Spot network under IPv4 → General → IPv4 networks .

5) The Public Spot can now be accessed by means of the DNS name assigned to it.