This document describes how to configure a load balancer for multiple WAN connections with the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC).


  • LCOS as of version 10.40 (download latest version)
  • Access to the LMC including your own project 
  • LANCOM router already connected to the LMC including a valid LMC license
  • Previously set up location with an assigned network and router
  • The router must have the gateway feature assigned to it
  • Two or more functioning Internet accesses on the router
    • The Internet access can be set up as follows: 
      • Manually on the router using LANconfig / WEBconfig
      • Manually by detailed configuration of the LMC
      • Automatically via LMC add-ins
  • Web browser for accessing the LMC


1) Open the configuration for your location and switch to the tab WAN connections. In this example, the list already contains a WAN connection.

2) Click the button Select WAN connection.

3) If you click the Connections button, you will see all of the WAN connections set up on the LANCOM router.

The second WAN connection in this example has the name INET_2 and will be added to the load balancer network.

If you activate the options "Use connection for overlay networks (VPN)" and "Use connection for local Internet breakout", the system creates a separate load balancer for each type of connection. If you do not want a VPN load balancer, please deactivate the connection option for overlay networks.

4) Click the Save button.

5) Now both WAN connections are shown in the list.

6) Switch to the Devices menu and choose the LANCOM router that is configured as the gateway. The configuration status of this device is shown as “Outdated”.

7) From the menu, select the option Configuration roll out and confirm the message that follows with Roll out.

8) After rolling out the configuration, the two WAN connections are combined in a load balancer.

Check this by loading the LANCOM router into the LANmonitor, for example.

If you wish to add further WAN connections to the load balancer, repeat steps 1 to 6 accordingly.