This article describes how an LMC trace can be created on a GS-23xx series switch. An LMC trace is required when problems with the LMC arise (e.g. connection problems).



1) Connect to the switch via the CLI and enter the trace command in the format trace # <Trace>. The # symbol serves as a toggle function, thus enabling the user to activate and deactivate the trace with the same trace command.

In most cases all LMC traces are required. These have to be activated or deactivated individually. Execeute the following commands one after the other:

  • trace # lmc-control-data
  • trace # lmc-control-state
  • trace # lmc-monitor-data
  • trace # lmc-monitor-state
  • trace # lmc-pairing-State

The command trace shows all possible traces.

2) Save the trace output in a text file.

3) Contact  LANCOM Support  and include the following information: