This article describes how a stacking group of XS or GS-45xx switches can be integrated in the LANCOM Management Cloud.



1) Configuring the stacking group:

As of September 2023 a stacking group cannot be configured via the LMC. Thefore the stack has to be configured manually via the webinterface of the devices.

At this time the switches must not be connected to the LMC, as configuration changes made via the webinterface are not taken over into the LMC. Should the switches already be connected to the LMC, please remove them from the LMC first.

The procedure to configure stacking is described in the following Knowledge Base article:

LANCOM switches: Configuring stacking on XS and GS-45xx series switches

2) Pairing process with the LANCOM Management Cloud:

Initiate the Pairing process as described in the following Knowledge Base article. In doing so, it should be noted, that the pairing process only has to be applied to the master switch. Therefore only the master switch needs an LMC licence. 

Pairing a LANCOM device with the LMC

3) Configuration options of the stack in the LANCOM Management Cloud:

3.1) Connect to the LMC, and in the menu Devices click on the stacking group under Name. It is easily recognizeable as a "Layer" symbol with the device count shown under Model

3.2) In the Overview the switch ports can be configured for each unit (with the exception of the stacking ports).