Until now, large-scale projects with many devices required all of these various devices to be configured individually. This configuration often has to be conducted on-site. For your highly qualified IT staff, this can take up significant amounts of their valuable time.

The LMC has made the manual configuration of individual devices a thing of the past—software-defined technology (SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-WLAN, SD-SECURITY) now delivers fully automated configuration.

All the administrator has to do is to use the LMC to specify the framework conditions for the design of the network.

Auto-configuration and zero-touch deployment implement an automated rollout with maximum security. Zero-touch deployment means that commissioning a device merely involves mounting it on location and connecting it up. Thanks to the auto-configuration per software-defined networking (SDN), the network administrator does not need to touch the device. It is immediately ready for use.

This means that the devices can be mounted and connected on-site by less qualified personnel. In the attached PDF document we briefly explain the various rollout options available with the LMC.


The attached PDF article assumes that a project has been created and that the networks and locations are already defined. For the specific project and/or locations, a Smart-Config or add-ins should be predefined as they automatically implement the configuration for any device that is new to the project or location.

PDF document

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