This document describes, how valid LMC licenses, which aren't needed in an LMC project anymore (e.g. because the project is to be deleted), can be transferred to another LMC project.

Transferring LMC licenses is only possible for projects, if they are in the same organisation!

Due to technical reasons when removing a license the current date is rounded up to 00:00 of the next day and one day is deducted from the validity period.


  • A 365 day license was assigned to a device on 31.01.2024. Therefore the license is valid until 30.01.2025.
  • The license is removed from the device on 06.03.2024. So 36 days have already passed (329 days remaining time).
  • The current day is rounded up to 7.03.2024 00:00 hours and 1 day is deducted from the validity period.
    • As the deactivation took place on 07.03.2024 (rounded up from 06.03.2024), the remaing time is 328 days.
    • Additionally 1 day is deducted from the remaining time, which leads to a remaining time of 327 days.
  • The license is assigned to another device on 07.03.2024. The license is therefore valid until 28.01.2025. 


  • Administrative access to the projects (Project Administrator)


In this example LMC licenses are assigned to managed devices in an LMC project. However the project is to be deleted and the devices as well as the assigned licenses should be "moved" to another project.

Both LMC projects are in the same LMC organisation.

1) In the LMC open the menu Devices and select all devices whose valid license is to be transferred to the other project

Licenses have to be assigned to a device, so that they can be moved to another project. If this is not the case, assign the licenses to a device first.

2) Click on the "dots" icon in the upper right corner and select the option Transfer.

3) Select the Target project and click Transfer afterwards.