When using the Advanced VPN Client in a specific scenario, it is possible, that the Advanced VPN Client deletes routing entries in Windows:

A field-based employee establishes a VPN connection with Split Tunneling (in this example the target network via the Advanced VPN Client to the company and sets the notebook to sleep/standby without exiting the Advanced VPN Client. Afterwards the employee changes to the company premises and the notebook obtains an IP address from the target network (in this example the If the employee disconnects the VPN connection now, it is possible, that the Advanced VPN Client deletes the routing entries in Windows which were automatically obtained via DHCP. In this case, communication is severely limited or not possible at all.

Possible solutions:

  • Reconnecting with the network:
    • Disconnect the network connection of the notebook (either the Wi-Fi connection or the LAN cable) and reconnect the notebook with the network.
  • Using a bigger subnet in the Split Tunneling:

    • As an alternative a bigger subnetwork can be entered in the Split Tunneling (e.g. Please note, that the network size should be as small as possible. If the notebook is used in a network, which is a part of the extended network, no communication is possible via the VPN connection.