Some scenarios require updating the WAN or VPN connection via a script. The script command exit (ending of the script) triggers an event, which implements changes in all modules (so called Config Change). Howerver, WAN and VPN connections are excluded from the Config Change, so that the changes are not implemented. The changes are only implemented by restarting the connection, which is not performed automatically. This is quite useful to prevent disconnecting the connection, over which the router is configured.

In order for WAN and VPN connections to be disconnected after uploading a script, the command do other/manual-dialing/disconnect (in short do /o/m/d) has to be used. The sleep command postpones the execution of the next command. Therefore, a preceding sleep command with a few second delay makes sure, that the connection is disconnected after the exit command and therefore after the Config Change.

Therefore, the script has to be structured as follows:


<Configuration script>

sleep 3s ; do /o/m/d


If only a certain WAN or VPN connection should be disconnected, the connection name has to be entered after the command do /o/m/d (e.g. do /o/m/d INTERNET).