The user-defined rollout assistant is an individually programmable setup assistant in WEBconfig, which allows you as a rolling administrator to implement a configuration assistant tailored to your customers or other (e.g. limited) administrators. To do this, you use a special description language with which even very complex assistants can be defined. Further information is available in the LCOS reference manual.

This document describes how you can load and use the configuration wizard scripts you have created in a LANCOM router.

You can download Rollout wizards for different purposes in the following Knowledge Base article:

Configuration wizards for use with the LANCOM rollout wizard



1. Make sure that the rollout wizard is activated in the LANCOM router.

To do this, you have to open the configuration of the LANCOM router in WEBconfig and switch to the LCOS Menu Tree → Setup → HTTP → Rollout-Wizard.

The Operating parameter must be set to Yes.

2. In LANconfig, right-click on the LANCOM router and select the option Configuration management → Upload certificate or file.

3. Select a text file and set "Rollout Assistant (plain text)" as the certificate type.

4. The upload process is started with OK.

5. After a successful download, you can open the configuration of the LANCOM router again in WEBconfig.

The imported configuration wizard can be called up in the Setup-Wizards → Rollout menu. If you have imported several configuration assistants, a selection list is displayed.