This document describes the steps you have to take to configure the power-saving mode (APSD, Automatic Power Save Delivery) on a LANCOM WLAN router or access point. Activating the power-saving function benefits wireless clients (especially WLAN telephones) with rechargeable batteries.


1. Open the WEBconfig user interface for the LANCOM router and go to the path LCOS menu tree → Setup → Interfaces → WLAN → Network.
2. In this example, the power-saving function APSD is to be activated for logical WLAN interface WLAN-1.
3. Access the settings for the logical wireless network WLAN-1.
4. Clíck on the drop-down menu for the parameter APSD and select the option Yes.
5. Click on the Send button to accept your settings.
6. Navigate to the dialog Wireless LAN → General → Physical WLAN settings – Performance.
7. Click on WLAN interface to open the configuration dialog.
8. Activate the option QoS according to 802.11e (WME).
9. Click on the Send button to accept your settings.
10. This concludes the configuration of the power-saving function for the logical wireless interface WLAN-1.