LANCOM devices can be reached by Telnet, Telnet SSL, SSH, HTTP and HTTPS through TCP ports, which can be freely defined by the user.

Changes to the HTTP and HTTPS ports can be implemented in LANconfig. For configuring the specific communications settings, the properties dialog of a device is opened via the context menu (right-click on mouse). The port value can be set here:


The option in LANconfig to define the TFTP port is suitable in the case where a masked LANCOM is to be made accessible, whereby the inverse masking is implemented with port mapping. TFTP operates via UDP.


Ensure that you have the latest versions of the firmware and LANtools.

Use WEBconfig to change the TCP port. Open a session in LANCOM and select the option LCOS menu tree. Under Setup -> Config you can change the ports used by the services Telnet and SSH (as shown in the pictures below). You can also change the port used by Telnet SSL in the "Config" directory.

To change the HTTP and HTTPS port, go to the directory HTTP under LCOS menu tree - > Setup. The picture below shows you where to change the HTTP port.